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EaseUS Backup software helps customers back up system and data through local, network and cloud.

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How to Download, Activate and Upgrade

This article includes the download links of EaseUS Todo Backup series trial products, the online/offline methods to activate the trial with your code,and the steps how to upgrade when there is a new version available.

How to Set up Email Notification with Todo Backup Personal Edition

With this option, user can simply know the backup result from a notification email. This can make schedule backups to be a real setup-and-forget job, as users no more needs to open the product and check the backup result in Management page after the option enabled.

How to Create an Error Report on Todo Backup Personal Edition

The log files in our product record all user operations, special events and error messages while our product is running. So the files are required to analyze some using issues which prevent normal operations from being compeleted.

How to Create a Schedule Backup with Todo Backup Personal Edition

Scheduled backup can be run automatically in regular time interval or at a specified time point after it is created, this option can definitely easy backup jobs and release users’ attention for more valuable tasks.

Difference Between System Backup and Disk/Partition Backup

With Todo Backup, System Backup and Disk/Partition Backup both can help you create a system image file. Therefore, you may feel confused about the two backup methods. You may have no idea which one is more suitable for your particular requirement.

Difference Between Backup and Clone

Since disk/partition backup and clone options can be both used to operate an entire hard drive or create a system drive copy, most users are confused which one is better for a specific purpose (system backup, system migration and others).

How to Use Image reserve strategy in Todo Backup Personal Edition

You could imagine that after many schedule backup cycles, no matter how large the target storage is, the backup files will fill up all the available space.

How to Use System Transfer in Todo Backup Personal Edition

Since most hardware requires corresponding driver installed to be functional, users cannot simply move system to a new machine with different hardware configuration and expect the system to run as original due to lack of necessary hardware driver.

Difference Among Full, Incremental and Differential Backup

This article along with a visualized diagram included offers an overall understanding of the differences among the terms "Full", "Incremental" and 'Differential" backup.

Introduction to EaseUS Todo Backup Personal Edition

EaseUS Todo Backup is an Easy PC/laptop backup software, it protects your system & data against damage and gets everything recovered fast when disasters occur.

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