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Fix Computer Failed to Add to EaseUS Backup Center

This article shows how to add Todo Backup Client computer to Backup Center and the solution for the connection issue.

Updated on 2022-05-18

Applied to:
EaseUS Backup Center ver 14 and later versions

If you already installed Todo Backup on the client machine, and want to add it to Backup Center manually, please follow the steps below:
1. Go to the installation folder of Todo Backup, and find the file AddToServer.bat under CMC\bin. Please check the screenshot.

2. Run the bat file, and input the IP address of Backup Center, server port and match code. The client computer will be added to the Computer list of Backup Center.
 If you encounter connection errors, please follow the steps below to add the related service to Firewall first.
Here are the steps:

1. Go to Settings in Windows, and select Update & Secutity.

2. Select Windows Security ->- Firewall & network protection.
3. Go to Advanced settings.
4. Select Inbound Rules on the left side, then create New Rule.
5. In New Inboud Rule Wizard, select the Rule Type as Program, then click Next.​
6. Select apply the rule to This program path, click Browse, navigate to the installation location of Backup Center and find the file EBCWebServer.exe, then click Open. 

7. Select Allow the connection, and click Next.
8. Apply the new rule to all, including Domain, Private and Public, click Next.
9. Specify the name and the description of this rule(optional), click Finish.
10. The new rule has been created successfully, which is visible in Inbound Rules list.
11. Follow the same steps to create a new rule in Outbound Rules.
Please make sure that the following services are added in Inbound Rules and Outbound Rules.
For Backup Center: EBCServer.exe and EBCWebServer.exe
For Todo Backup: EBCClient.exe

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