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This error message may appear during an Exchange information store backup, both for manual and schedule tasks.

Updated on 2015-06-15

This article applies to:
EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server Edition 5.X, 6.X and higher editions.
Exchange 2003/2007/2010


This error message may appear during an Exchange information store backup, both for manual and schedule tasks. The known causes which will result in such an issue are listed below:

1. Current user doesn’t have full permission to access VSS service.
2. Failed to initialize/start Windows VSS service.
3. Incompatible issue between our product and Snapshot tool.


Below are the solutions for each of the cause above, you may try them all if you don’t know why you get the error.

Access permission

You have to add full VSS access permission for your account to solve the trouble. Here is a detailed guide which will show you how to finish the operation.

But if you find you have correct permission setting there, then you should authorize Everyone account with the full access permission just like the guide PDF shows, as our product will implement the backup with this account sometimes.

VSS service issue

You have to first do as follow to check if VSS service is involved for the error. Please right lick Computer, and select Manage, then do as following picture shows to see whether you have a VSS related error in Windows application logs.

Volume Shadow Copy Service error

Usually, the exact error message may look like: 

Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error calling routine IVssBackupComponents::SetContextInternal.  hr = 0x80042301, A function call was made when the object was in an incorrect state
for that function

Add a Volume to a Shadow Copy Set

And you can also run VSS Admin list in Windows CMD, and if the status of Exchange Writer is not stable, then please you have to go through the 2 steps below and backup again.

1. Type "Services.msc" in windows search box and press enter to run Windows service list.
2. Locate Volume Shadow Copy, MS Software Shadow Copy Provider and Microsoft Exchange Information Store services and restart them.

The known cause for this issue now is that a third application which also requires VSS writer permission to finish a specific operation, and a compatible issue occurs during our product and the application then.


If you have too many Windows snapshots on the machine, you should delete part of them to release some disk space for running exchange backup.
Or if you have a third party snapshot tool, please just temporarily disable it and try to backup again.
If you still cannot figure out the issue with this artical, please send us a detailed report for further troubleshooting the issue and let us know which solution here you have tried.

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