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How to Create Emergency Disk with Todo Backup Personal Edition

System recovery is required after system crashes or unexpected Operating System issue appears. Emergency disk of EaseUS Todo Backup is designed for this target when the machine needs to be fixed or it is no longer able to login Windows.

Updated on 2017-03-02

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EaseUS Todo Backup Personal Edition


EaseUS Todo Backup allows users to create an emergency USB disk or CD/DVD. It is indispensable when Windows system fails to boot or the user who prefer to have the program running prior to booting Windows.

Procedure for Creating WinPE Emergency Disk

1. Find the “Create Emergency Disk” option at the left tool bar on the homepage and click on it:

Choose a method and hit the create button.
There are three types of creating a bootable media: ISO, USB, CD/DVD.
ISO: This method will create an iSO file and ask you to choose a destination drive to save that file. You should use a 3rd party burning tool to burn that iso file to a USB drive.You can google the burning tools for reference.

USB: This method will automatically choose an USB device as the target path if there is any USB device connected.
CD/DVD: This method will automatically choose a CD/DVD device as the target path if there is any CD/DVD inserted.
For some special devices like RAID, iSCI disks, you are suggested to add the corresponding drivers the bootable media to ensure the bootable media is able to recognize that special devices.

There is another option, Linux emergency disk. Here lists the Differences between WinPE emergency disk and Linux emergency disk:

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