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Basic Technical FAQ For Using EaseUS MS SQL Backup Function

MS SQL is an acronym of Structured Query Language which is designed for managing data in relational database management systems.

Updated on 2017-04-06

This article applies to:
Enterprise editions of Todo Backup 10.5 and later version


MS SQL is an acronym of Structured Query Language which is designed for managing data in relational database management systems. Produced by Microsoft, the main function of Microsoft SQL Server includes insert data, query updates/deletes, create/modify schema, and data control access, etc. And normally, these infromation are essentially important and require a regular backup in case of database failiure. EaseUS MS SQL Backup available in EaseUS Todo Backup is especially useful for this target.

Some basic FAQ for using this completely upgraded feature:

1. What are the supported versions of Microsoft SQL Server in Todo Backup ver10.5?
The supported Microsoft SQL Server versions are:

Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
Microsoft SQL Server 2012
Microsoft SQL Server 2014
Microsoft SQL Server 2016

2. Is SQL Backup in Todo Backup 10.5 able to recover the Microsoft SQL Server backup created in the previous versions of Todo Backup?
Not supported. Todo Backup 10.5 adopts a brand new and more advanced model to backup your Microsoft SQL Server, and all the SQL backup created in the previous versions cannot be recovered in ver10.5.

You are suggested to use the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to recover these old backups.

3.Do I have to authorize my account when doing a SQL Server backup?

You need to log in your Windows account or Super Administrator (SA) account to authorize the credential.

You can authorize when first launching SQL backup or add the authorization in TOOLS => SQL Credential Manager.


4. Is SQL backup able to backup the system database?
Master, MSDB and Model databases can be backed up. This product does not backup the Tempbd. DB.

5. What model does Todo Backup use to backup the database?
By backing up both the database files and log files, including the .mdf, .ndf and .ldf files in your Microsoft SQL Server. Volume Shadow Copy Service will be enabled for the completion of a hot backup when your database is in use.

Full, Differential and Incremental backups are all optional in SQL backup to ensure you have a flexible and well-scheduled backup plan to protect your Microsoft SQL Server at a reasonable consumption of your storage space.

6.Can I backup all the User Database?

7.Can I backup the User Database in the old versions of Microsoft SQL Server and recover it to a newer version?

Supported. The Recovery for User Database is upward compatible in our product, but not vice versa. For instance, the User Database in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 can be recovered to 2016, bu the data in Microsoft SQL Server 2016 cannot be recovered back to 2005.

8.Can I truncate the transaction log or continue my backup on error if needed?

Yes. You can find both options in Backup Options => Backup Mode

9.Can I backup my transparent encrypt database?

Supported. In general conditions the Encryption Certificate in a transparent encrypt database is stored under the Master folder. To ensure a correct recovery procedure, the information in the Encryption Certificate has to perfectly match the information in Master database.

To separately backup Encryption Certificate is not supported in ver10.5. The recovery procedure will fail to complete if the encryption information does not match, or the relevant certificate has not been inputted into the target Master database before the recovery is processed.

10.Can I recover my Microsoft SQL Server backup to a different server?

Supported. Please note the target server should have the same authoring environment to ensure the recovered database is working properly. To make this happen, when recovering your database to a different server, please make sure you log in your target server with the same SA account authorized on your source server.

When recovering a transparent encrypt user database, please input the Encryption Certificate into the instance of your target server before processing the recovery.

11.Why my publisher database does not work after the recovery?

When you enable the Replication feature in SQL Server, a distributor database will be initiated to preserve the information about this publisher's publications. These information will be cleaned up after the recovery in Todo Backup.

Therefore, when recovering the relevant publisher and subscriber database, please make sure to cancel the publishing and subscription status.

12.Can I recover my Master and User database to a different instance?

Supported. Please ensure the target instance is authorized by the same SA account when processing the recovery.

13.Is mirror database supported?
Only the primary database is supported in Todo Backup. Both backup and recovery are not optional for the mirror database.

It is important to keep in mind that you need to disable the mirror feature when recovering a primary database.

14.Why I cannot recover the File Table in my database?

This is an existing unsolved problem in ver10.5 and will be fixed in the future release. If you encounter this error, please contact support@todo-backup.com to receive a solution from our Tech Support Team.

15.Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio adopts 3 different recovery models: Full, Bulk-logged and Simple. Does the recovery model used in Todo Backup have any connections with these 3 models?
No. The SQL backup in Todo Backup ver10.5 applies a completely different model to backup and recover your server, which has no connections with the transaction log recovery models.

Still have questions about this new feature, visit our support center to find more help.

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