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 Introduction to EaseUS Backup Center

EaseUS Backup Center makes it easy to manage data backup and helps IT administrators remotely deploy backup plans to save time and energy.

Updated on 2018-10-29

This article replies to:
EaseUS Backup Center 10.0 and later versions


EaseUS Backup Center – the centralized backup management solution helps to make detailed backup plans for specific business environment, deploy backup tasks to multiple machines from one console, run and monitor backups on all systems easily.

Deploy backup task to machines from console


What is the difference between Backup Center and Todo Backup?

Todo Backup is a standalone backup/clone product that works for separate and individual PC(s), while Backup Center offers an integrated system with the advantages that users can benefit from to manage and automates backup tasks on dozens of machines in a LAN environment.

Todo Backup is the client of Backup Center, and Backup Center includes server side and console side.

How to use EaseUS Backup Center

How to remotly install Todo Backup

How to deploy backup task


1. Every single machine that need to be managed by EaseUS Backup Center should have EaseUS Todo Backup workstation, Server or Advanced Server installed (paid or 30 days' trial both works).
2. The Port ID used to communicate is 4700 and 4698. so keeping the 2 ports unused before a task deployment is necessary (in most cases, they are always free for use).
3. LAN network connection is stable, and EaseUS Backup Center should be in the white list of all the security tools. For WAN environment, as long as the client machine can be reached with Windows PING command, our product can manage it as well.


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