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Why the cloned system drive cannot be used in dissimilar hardware?

This article introduces the proper methods to upgrade the system disk or the hardware to make sure the computer is still bootable.

Updated on 2021-08-04

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Sometimes, we need to replace or upgrade the system disk with a newer and larger one as well as keep the same operating system and everything. This can be easily accomplished by clone.
In other cases, we also need to change the hardware without re-installing everything. For example, when replacing computers, some customers tend to clone the disk directly and put it in the new hardware. However we do not recommend to do it this way because it might cause boot error. In this article we will explain the proper solutions to you.
What does System Clone do?
For System Clone, the software will automatically select the boot and system partitions, which are essential to make the computer bootable.

All the files, including the operating system and the applications would be copied to the new disk. You can just replace the disk and boot from the cloned one. The new disk would be exactly the same as before.
For more information about how to replace or upgrade the system, please click here.

When the disk is connected to an other computer as a secondary disk, the software will clone it as a data disk, and it will not ensure the target disk bootability.
So to clone the disk properly, the computer should boot from the exact disk you want to clone.

Why the cloned disk can not boot in a different hardware?
Different hardware requires different drivers. Without proper drivers, the computer can not boot correctly.
When the cloned disk is connected to a different hardware, the necessary drivers might be incompatible or missing, which causes boot error.
How to transfer the system to a different hardware?
EaseUS Todo Backup provides System Transfer feature which can help users to transfer the system to another computer, even the hardware configurations in both computers are totally different. And it ensures a successful system boot-up for the new computer.
You will find the detailed steps of System Transfer here.
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