EaseUS Partition Manager Software

EaseUS Partition Management and Recovery software could resize partitions, recover lost partitions and optimize computer performance.

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Recover lost or deleted partition and the data using EaseUS Partition Recovery

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How to Interconvert MBR Disk and GPT Disk

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Fix: Operations Fail to Run After a Reboot when Using EaseUS Partition Master

The solution is provided for fixing the issue that Partition Master failed to apply pending operation in boot mode.

Precautions Before Resizing/Moving Partitions

In order to ensure a smooth and successful operation process and data protection, you may check the tips below before resizing/moving your partitions.

What to Do If the Program Seems Frozen

When you resize partitions, the progress bar may stop for a long time. At this time, you need check the Task Manager or the HDD LED.

Activation and WinPE Bootable Disc Issue in Version 9.x

This article helps you activate EaseUS Partition Master Free/Trial edition and get the WinPE bootable disc created.

Resizing/Moving Partition under Boot Mode

If the partition which you want to resize/move contain lots of data and you are using some data on it, in order to ensure the data safe, EaseUS Partition Master will finish the resizing/moving operation under boot mode.

How to Extend C Partition with EaseUS Partition Master

How to increase C drive space, extend C drive or system partition? This tutorial shows you how to increase C drive space with EaseUS Partition Master.

How to Merge Partitions with EaseUS Partition Master

When a partition is out of use, you would want to merge two adjacent partitions as single larger one. Then there will be more free space to use. And this feature can help you achieve your goal.

Activation and WinPE Bootable Disk Issue in Version 10.x and 11.x

This article helps you activate EaseUS Partition Master Free/Trial edition and create WinPE bootable disk. The are 2 different way to activate your license, online and offline.

Troubleshooting Uninstall Issue

Sometimes, an uninstall process of EaseUS Partition Master may get stuck due to necessary files lost or insufficient Windows Registry access permission. This article offers some methods for troubleshooting common uninstall issues.

How to Interconvert Dynamic Disk and Basic Disk

Due to the limitation of Microsoft, the dynamic disk is not able to be converted to basic disk directly. We recommend you to use EaseUS Partition Master, because this software could convert dynamic disk to basic directly without data loss.

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