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How to Use Smart Resize to Extend Your C Drive

We may encounter Low Disk Space warning on C drive. This tutorial shows you step-by-step instruction of extend/expand C drive through EaseUS Partition Master.

Updated on 2021-01-15

This article applies to:
EaseUS Partition Master ver 14.5 and later versions

In Windows OS, C drive is generally used to store all the system files and program installation files. The longer the Windows OS is used, the less free space you have left for C drive, until the Low Disk Space warning pops up. Without sufficient space in C, you will suffer a big risk of data loss and low work efficiency with the computer.
In such a scenario, you don’t have many options other than increasing the C Drive space. That’s why we introduce EaseUS Partition Master to achieve the goal.
To make sure that C drive is extendable, the unallocated space must be next to it. However, in most cases, there is no unallocated space on the disk or it is not adjacent to the C drive. In regular partition management tool, some extra steps need to be done to make some unallocated space next to C drive. And the whole process is not straightforward.
However, with the Smart Resize function in EaseUS Partition Master, the paucity of space problem can be solved with a few clicks.
Case 1:
There is no unallocated space adjacent to the "insufficient room" partition C. But the other partition D on the SAME hard disk has a large number of free spaces.

In regular partition management tool, you need to firstly shrink D partition from the left side to make some unallocated space, then extend partition C. But with the Smart Resize Function, you can allocate some space from partition D to partition C directly.

Case 2:
There are some unallocated space on the same disk, but it is not adjacent to C partition.

With the regular partition management tool, partition D need to be moved to the end of the disk, so that the unallocated space can be next to partition C. However, in Partition Master, Smart Resize Function enables to extend C without moving partition D manually.

Case 3:
There is no unallocated space on the harddisk, and the non-adjacent partition F on the same hard disk has a large number of free space.

With the regular partition management tool, the process is a bit complicated. To create some unallocated space next C, Partition F need to be shrinked, and partition D need to be moved, too. On the contrast, partition C can be extended in a quick and efficient manner with the help of Smart Resize Function.

In order to ensure a smooth and successful operation process and protect your data, you may check the tips below before resizing/moving your partition:
1. Close all the other applications including the antivirus and firewall when running the software.
2. Please keep 5~10% free space as our product needs some space for data exchanging during resizing.
3. In case of any trouble caused, you'd better backup your system or data with a backup software before resizing, such as EaseUS Todo backup.
4. If there is lots of data on the partition, it will take a long time to resize it. Please wait patiently, and do not shut down or restart your computer manually. 
To sum up, the Smart Resize Function will save your energy and time to resize/move partitions manually. And it is more straightforward and convenient to use, especially for the less tech savvy customers.

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