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How to Interconvert Dynamic Disk and Basic Disk

Due to the limitation of Microsoft, the dynamic disk is not able to be converted to basic disk directly. We recommend you to use EaseUS Partition Master, because this software could convert dynamic disk to basic directly without data loss.

Updated on 2019-02-01

This article applies to:
EaseUS Partition Master (all paid versions)

Compare with the basic disk, dynamic disk provides higher efficiency and more flexibility. However, it is with less compatibility and requires more computing skills to manage. With EaseUS Partition Master, you can easily interconvert the disks between basic and dynamic without any data loss.
Here are the steps to convert a dynamic disk to basic:
1. Select the dynamic disk.
2. Click the Convert to basic in Feature List.
3. The operation will be pended until applied in Pending Operation list. Click Execute operation when you are ready to proceed.

◆ This feature can only process dynamic disk with simple and mirrored volumes. The other types of dynamic disk, such as spanned volume and striped volume, are not supported.
◆ To convert a dynamic disk containing mirrored volumes to a basic disk, please break the mirrored volumes before converting.
◆ Converting dynamic disk to basic will not cause data loss, however, to avoid data loss caused by other uncertain computer factors, we recommend you back up the disk before any operation!
The same procedure when converting basic disk to dynamic. Please check the screenshot.

How to Interconvert Dynamic Disk and Basic Disk


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