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Introduction to EaseUS Partition Master

Disk Management Software for Laptop, PC and Workstation with one salable solution of disk management, partition recovery and clone. Organize hard disk volume configuration for optimal performance, while keeping data safe.

Updated on 2018-11-29

This article applies to:
EaseUS Partition Master 13.0 and later versions

What is EaseUS Partition Master?

You may encounter common problems, such as insufficient disk space, partition layout adjustment and other disk issues. The software Partition Master is designed to provide a more easier, professional and user-friend service for disk/partition management.
With this software, you can adjust partitions, migrate system, clone, convert disk types, recover the lost partitions and more.
The first step is to activate the software. You only need to paste the license code to the activation box.

You can right click the disks and partitions to select the operations. Another way is to select the operations on the right side of the interface.

Migrate OS is an easy-to-navigate wizard to copy your OS to a new HDD or SSD. Boot and System partitions will be automatically selected in this feature to ensure the target disk can be correctly booted after the work.

Clone function has 2 main modes, disk clone and partition clone. This feature makes identical copy for the disks and partitions.

Partition Recovery is an easy-to-use tool, with which you can recover partitions from a hard drive that were accidentally deleted due to a hardware or software failure.
The program includes a user-friendly wizard to guide you through the process of creating a WinPE Bootable Media on a USB drive/CD/DVD or in an ISO file to later burn it to your storage device. The build-in interface provides you the same user experience as in Windows version to manage your hard drive before an OS is installed.

For basic disks, apart from partitioning operations, you can use the software to convert to dynamic disks and make MBR/GPT conversion.

And for dynamic disks, some of the operations such as re-sizing are supported, too.
No matter what operating you takes, do not forget to take the last step, an actual execution.

If you have any technical questions when using the software, please feel free to contact techsupport@easeus.com for further assistance.

This video lets you know more about EaseUS Partition Master.

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