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Fix: Operations Fail to Run After a Reboot when Using EaseUS Partition Master

The solution is provided for fixing the issue that Partition Master failed to apply pending operation in boot mode.

Updated on 2019-03-12

This article applies to:
EaseUS Partition Master (All versions)

Sometimes, when you apply the operations in EaseUS Partition Master, the software requires a reboot of Windows Operating System, and the message "The operation has been aborted" shows up during the reboot process. Actually, the computer remains the same and no operation is applied. This article tells you how to fix this issue in a few steps.

1. Remove all irrelevant mobile and external devices connected to your computer.

2. Go to the path C:\Windows, create a text file named “EpmStart”. Open it with NotePad, input EpmStart and save this file. You can also create the file EpmStart.txt on your desktop or other place, then copy to C:\Windows.

Note: To avoid creating an "EpmStart.txt.txt" file by mistake, you'd better show the extension of file name in Windows File Explorer first. Please refer to the screenshot below.

3. After finishing the above steps, please relaunch EaseUS Partition Master and apply the same operations again.
If issue persists after trying this solution, please email to techsupport@easeus.com with error report and EPMBatch.ept file included. For how to find the error report, please click HERE.
For how to find EPMBatch.ept file

The EPMBatch.ept file is a hidden file in C:\Windows. Please follow the screenshot to find and uncheck Hide protected operating system files.

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