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EaseUS Partition Master FAQ

This FAQ allows to find answers to all your questions in one place. Check it first to see if you can find the solution while waiting in the queue.

Updated on 2020-12-10

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EaseUS Partition Master

You may encounter common problems, such as insufficient disk space, partition layout adjustment and other disk issues. The software Partition Master is designed to provide a more easier, professional and user-friend service for disk/partition management.
With this software, you can adjust partitions, migrate system, clone, convert disk types, recover the lost partitions and more. Click
here to download the User Guide and learn more advanced features.
For other questions and topics, see below.

Upgrade, Download and Activation

1. Am I eligible for the free upgrades to the latest version?

It depends. You can check the product name in your invoice or the confirmation email. If it says Lifetime Upgrades, upgrade to the latest version is for free. Also the customers with Subscription license code are eligible for getting the major upgrades for free within the validity period of their license. Please check the details about the upgrade policy here.

2. How can I cancel my subscription, so that I will not get charged every month/year?

First of all, you need to find the email sent by our order processor which contains the license code and the invoice. Then click Cancel your subscription for "EaseUS Partition Master Professional (1 - Month/Year Subscription) in the section of Subscription cancelation.

In the pop-up web page, please click “Cancel your subscription” as shown in this screenshot.

3. Where do I find the Download links for the history versions?

All the download links since ver 9 are listed below. The installers you get from these download links are the Trial for each different version. To unlock them and enjoy the features in the full version, please activate with your license code.
EaseUS Partition Master ver 15
EaseUS Partition Master ver 14
EaseUS Partition Master ver 13
EaseUS Partition Master ver 12
EaseUS Partition Master ver 11
EaseUS Partition Master ver 10
EaseUS Partition Master ver 9

4. How I can retrieve my license code?

If you placed the order but failed to receive the license code after ONE hour, even after checking the Spam folder, please visit this link to retrieve it. Please check the details as shown in the screenshot.

5. How to release/reactive the license code so that I can use it on another computer?

The customers can reset the license code themselves in Customer Center. Please follow the steps here:

1. Click here to register an account if you haven't created before.
2. Log in Customer Support Center and you will see the orders in My Order(s).
3. Select the License Code you need and click reset icon.
6. Where can I enter the license code to activate?

Please launch EaseUS Partition Master and find the key icon on the right top corner. It will pop up an activation box by clicking that icon. Please check the screenshot below.

If the activation fails or the computer is not connected to Internet, click here to follow the instructions of the Offline Activation.

Refund Request

How can I cancel this order and ask for a refund?

Normally the refund request are processed by our technical support team. It is recommended to send a refund request to techsupport@easeus.com. Our support team will deal with your refund request within 24 hours.

Technician Questions

1. The operations, such as re-sizing or moving partitions, or disk conversion fail to execute after a reboot.

Before running Partition Master, it is recommended to close all other software including the anti-virus ones, so that the operations in Partition Master can be executed smoothly.

If the software still detects that pending disk/partitions are being used by other programs, it will pop up a windows asking to unlock or end the process. A reboot is not required if you choose to end all the process per request.

If you really can not get this done, please boot the computer from the WinPE bootable disk and execute the tasks. For how to create the bootable media, please check here. Any additional questions, feel free to contact techsupport@easeus.com.

2. What to do if the cloned disk cannot boot?

Make sure you have done the following instructions:
1. Clone the disk using Migrate OS function.
2. The cloned disk is connected by SATA instead of USB when you try to boot from it.
3. The cloned disk is set as the first boot order in BIOS.
If you have done all of these, but the disk still refuses to boot, please describe the issue in detail, take one photo of the failed boot and send it to techsupport@easeus.com. We will further analyze it and get back to you as soon as possible.

3. The computer gets stuck in an infinite loop after the operations are processed. How to solve this?

To solve this issue, please take the system disk out and connect it to another healthy computer as a slave. Access the partition containing operating system on that disk, then locate and delete the file "EPMBatch.ept" under Windows folder. After that, please connect the system disk back and boot from it.

And we want to remind you that file is hidden by default. So, please open 'My Computer', then choose 'Tools\Folder Options', Turn to 'View' page, check on 'Show hidden files and folders', uncheck 'Hide protected operating system files(Recommended)'. Then click "OK".

4. When cloning to a larger disk, how can I resize the partitions during the clone process?

You can edit the disk layout before processing the clone. Please check this screenshot.

5. How can I Interconvert MBR Disk and GPT Disk without any data loss?

It can be accomplished by a few clicks in Partition Master. Please check this link first.
If you can not find the option “convert to MBR”, please make sure that you have less than 4 primary partitions on this disk. If unfortunately there are more than 4, please only keep 3 of them, and convert other
from primary to logical.

If you want to convert the system disk from MBR to GPT, make sure the following points:

1. The computer motherboard supports EFI boot mode.
2. The disk has no more than 3 primary partitions.
3. The operating systems should be higher than Win 7, 64 bit.
If you want more instructions about the conversion, please contact techsupport@easeus.com with Disk Management screenshot attached.

6. What is the solution if the software fails to create WinPE emergency disk?

Make sure the following points before creating the bootable media:
1. If you use a USB flash drive, it should be MBR, with a newly formatted FAT 32 partition.
2. If the creation on CD fails, please try a USB drive instead.
3. If you still have trouble creating the WinPE bootable media, please send the following information to techsupport@easeus.com and we will send you the correct ISO image file.

What is the exact edition of your operating system? Windows 7, 10 or other?
Is it 32bit or 64bit system?
Is it LEGACY or EFI boot mode? You could check by this method:
a. Click the Search icon on Windows Taskbar and type in msinfo32, then press Enter.
b. System Information window will open where you can check your BIOS Mode.

7. I can not format the partition in Windows. Can this software help me?

I am afraid that the answer is negative. Our software can not help if Windows can not format.

If you haven't found the answers to your questions, you can check Knowledge Base here, or continue waiting in this chat. The agent will pick you up soon.
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