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How to Recover Data with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows

This is a dedicated article which presents you a video tutorial of an entire recovery process and many useful tips with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows.

Updated on 2013-05-07

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows


It is strongly recommended you watch this video carefully first before using the product. We believe this would definitely save you a lot of time by offering a proper and general idea of how it works.

Do you need specialized Manual Data Recovery Services?

You may need further help for tough data loss situations like reformatting drive, RAW disk, partition loss, repartition failures, system boot error and virtual disk corruption. Consult with EaseUS Data Recovery Experts for cost-efficient one-on-one manual recovery service. They could offer the following services after FREE diagnosis:

1. Repair corrupted RAID structure
2. Unformat the drive which was formatted by mistake
3. Repair damaged RAW drive that needs to be reformatted (Bitlocker encrypted drive is also supported)
4. Repair unbootable Windows operating system
5. Recover/repair lost partition and reparitioned drive (the one that cannot be recovered by software)

6. Repair corrupted virtual disk file (.vmdk, .vhd, .vhdx, etc.)

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