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EaseUS Products License Policy

This article introduces how subscription works for EaseUS products and how EaseUS product is licensed.

Updated on 2020-08-03

This article applies to:
All EaseUS products

Customer can choose to purchase the subscription-based license or perpetual license for EaseUS products based on their actual needs. 

EaseUS Subscription-based Product Licensing

EaseUS provides several offerings for the subscription module of EaseUS products, including but not limited to, 1-Month Subscription, 1-Year Subscription and 2-Year Subscription. All the subscription versions work based on the following policies. By submitting a subscription order you agree to all the policies listed below. 

1. The duration of a subscription is addressed after the name of the product in the shopping cart, ie, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional (1-Month Subscription), Todo Backup Home (1-Year Subscription)

2. The auto-renew will be activated after you placed a subscription order, and the renew will use the billing information you provide. In the shopping cart you are able to view the amount that will be collected to renew your subscription in every billing cycle. 

3. The renew can be canceled at any time in your confirming email or by contacting our customer service. After a subscription is canceled, all the products included in this subscription plan will continue working till next billing cycle. After that they will stop working and you can uninstall them from your computer. 

4. For all subscription-based licenses, the subscription duration is activated at the date of purchase, and the expiration date is calculated from that date. 

5. When a customer renews a subscription license: if customer renews before its subscription expires, the new expiration date will be calculated after the current subscription expires; and if the customer renews after its subscription has expired, the new subscription's expiration date is calculated from the date of renewal.

6. Free Upgrades and Tech Support are included in the validity of the subscription license. When a new version is released, customers can obtain this upgrade in EaseUS Customer Center or by contacting our customer service. 

EaseUS Perpetual Product Licensing

EaseUS products 2 offerings for perpetual product licensing based on the terms specified below:

Other policies applied to the perpetual product licensing are:

1. If there is no subscription or Free Lifetime Upgrades addressed after the name of the product in the shopping cart, it means this is a Standard version.

2. We encourage customers to stay current with the latest version of our product. However, the upgrade is not mandatory. We offer tech support for old version users. If the features customers require are not supported in the version they currently use, we will suggest customers upgrade and the upgrade fee might be applied. 

3, Upgrade fee is mainly 50% off from the original price listed on our official website. For more information, please click HERE to get EaseUS Software Upgrade Policy.

How is EaseUS Product Licensed?

The standard licensing policy is based on the number of the devices or operating systems running by the end users. 

1 System means a single operating system environment running on either physical or virtual machine. 

The license code is tied to the system you activated. Generally the non-Technician/Unlimited license is not transferable, except the device becomes non-functioning or is taken of the services. Under these circumstances, the license can be transferred to a replacement machine.

The license code cannot be rent, leased or reselled. For the Technician license, the product needs to be uninstalled if they are used on your clients computer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I purchase 1-Month subscription and later upgrade to the Free Lifetime Upgrade version?
Yes. You can always pay the price difference to change your subscription plan or upgrade to the other tier of the product you purchased. Please contact our customer service at sales@easeus.com to obtain the link for the swap. 

2. How to reset my license code?
You can register an account in our Customer Center after you purchase EaseUS products and reset the license code in your account. In case you do not know how to register an account, please click HERE.

You can also contact our customer service to reset your license code for free. 

3. Do you have a family package if I have multiple licenses in my family?
EaseUS provides volume discount based on how many licenses you need. Please contact us at sales@easeus.com or access our Livechat, let us know how many computers you have and we will provide you the proper volume discount. 

4. How to decide if I need the single license or Technician license of I have multiple computers in my company?
As a kindly suggestion, if the number of the system you want to install is less than 10, you can consider purchasing the single license based on how many systems you have. If the number exceeds 10, the Technician version will be a more cost-efficient solution. You can always contact us sales@easeus.com or access our Livechat for an assistance to customize your solution at the most proper way. 

Need a Better Price?

EaseUS appreciate your time reading our License Policy.  If you have made your decision on the version that fits your needs, you can click HERE to access our Livechat to get a 30% discount to purchase EaseUS products.