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Common Questions about EaseUS Customer Support Center

This article tell you how to register EaseUS Customer Support Center and manage the orders.

Updated on 2019-04-24

This article includes the following information:

  • Summary of Customer Support Center: A brief introduction of this center.
  • Retrieve My Code: If you still cannot receive the license code after half an hour, refer to this method to get your code.
  • Account Registration: Register an account in our support center to manage all the orders purchased from our company.
  • Orders Registration: Add the order ID to your account after login, then you will get the order details in the account.
  • Products Download: Once you add the order to your account, follow this guide to download the product.
  • Reset License Code: Release the license code when you need to re-activate our product after reinstalling operating system or changing the hardware or computer.

Summary of Customer Support Center

The Customer Support Center consists of 7 sections below:

(1) My Order(s): The details of the order will be listed here so you can download, upgrade and get the license code of the software. The license code can be also reset in this page.

Your orders in customer support center

(2) Add new Order(s): If you have new orders completed, just add it to your account in this page. After that, the new order will be listed under My Order(s).

Search and add new order in your account

(3) Contact Support: All contact methods of our team can be found in this page. You could select the proper way to contact our team to get more help.

Contact support to get a help for technical issue

(4) Upgrade Policy: It introduces how the upgrade of our products work to you.

The upgrade policy for upgrading easeus software

(5) Update My Profile: You can change the pesonal information of the account in this page.

Update my profile in your account

(6) Change Password: Allows you to change the password of the account.

Allows you to change the password of the account

How to retrieve my code

If you placed the order but didn't receive the license code after ONE hour, even having checked the Spam folder, please visit the Support page to retrieve it.

Retrieve your license code

(1) Input Purchase Email and Order ID and click RETRIEVE.

Find your license code in the searched list

(2) Then the license code(s) of this order will be listed blow:

Register a new account

You could also register an account to manage your order(s) in the Customer Support Center.

How to register an account

(1) Click Register now in the login page (https://my.easeus.com/).


An confirmation email will be received

(2) Fill all required information and click Register Now.

Register the account to get the activation code

(3) Then you will get the following message.

Activate your EaseUS Account

(4) Go to the mailbox with which you used to register the account to get the activation code.

log in the customer center

(5) If you cannot find the email, please check it in the Spam folder. If it still does not exist, you could contact support@easeus.com.

(6) Visit the link in the email and input the proper information to Activate the account.

Input your Order ID or Reference Number to search and add new order

(6) You will log in the customer center automatically and the orders billed by your email will be included.

Register your product successfully

How to register orders

(1) Click Add New Order(s) in the My Orders(s) page.
(2) Input your Order ID or Reference Number in the box, then click Search to confirm the order first. If it exists, please click Add to add the order to your account.

Find your desired order after the searching

(3) After clicking Register, you may see either of following messages.

     (a) You have registered the order(s) successfully.
     (b) Please refresh the browser and confirm if the order has already been added to your account.
     (c) Please check if you input wrong order ID or reference number.

The order was not listed after the searching


Get the order list after adding your new orders


Log out your account


(4) You will see the order is listed. If you cannot see the order(s), please click Log Out and try to log in again.

Download and upgrade your software in customer support center

(5) If you want to remove an order from your account, please click the X icon to delete it.

How to download products

(1) Make sure that you have registered the orders. If not, please follow How to register order(s) to finish the registeration first.

(2) Click My Order(s) in the Home page.

(3) Click the Product Name to download the software and copy the License Code to activate the software.

Reset license code in customer support center

How to reset the license code(s)

If you changed the computer or updated the hardware, it's necessary to reset the license code so you could reactivate our product on the new hardware. You could follow the steps below to finish the job by yourself.

(1) Log in the Customer Support Center and you will see the orders in My Order(s).
(2) Select the License Code you need and click reset.

Reset license code in customer support center

(3) Wait for a while and the system will try to release the license code at background. Once you see the pop up message with The code has been reset successfully, please use the license code to activate the product again.

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