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Why I Cannot Recover Files for Free in the Trial/Free Version

EaseUS provides limited free recovery in the Data Recovery Wizard to help customers test its recovery quality before they make the purchase. This article explains how to obtain the free recovery in the Free version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

Updated on 2020-06-29

This article applies to:
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard provides Trial version and Free version for customers to test it with its full recovery quality. The comparison chart below explains the capablity and limitations between these 2 versions. 

There are 2 main scenarios that you will be prompted to purchase the product after you click the Recover button to save some files. 

Scenario 1:  You are using the Trial version to Test the Product, Not the Free Version.

Since the Trial version does not have 2GB free recovery, if you only have less than 2 GB files to recover or you prefer to recover some files to check the recovery quality, please ensure you use the Free version, instead of the Trial version.
How to check which version you are using?
For Windows user, you can easily find that information by navigating to the About page, as the screen shot below:
For Mac users, this info is written on the title bar of the product.
Where can you download the Free version if you are currently on the Trial version?
For Windows users, the Free version can be downloaded from here.
For Mac users, the Free version can be downloaded from here.

You can uninstall the Trial version, and reinstall the Free version on your computer to obtain the promised 2 GB free recovery. 

Scenario 2: The Total Amount of the Selected Files Exceeds the Available Free Recovery in the Free Version.

Please first navigate to the "About" page, where you can find how much free recovery available in the product.  Please note that the 2GB free recovery refers to the total amount that can be used on this computer. Reinstalling the software cannot resume the 2GB free recovery.

Next you need to check is how much data you selected for recovery. This information can be found under the blue Recover button, as the screen shot below:

If the files you select are more than the available free recovery you can get in the Free version, you can narrow down the selected files, or purchase the Professional version to gain the unlimited recovery. 

Do you need specialized Manual Data Recovery Services?

You may need further help for tough data loss situations like reformatting drive, RAW disk, partition loss, repartition failures, system boot error and virtual disk corruption. Consult with EaseUS Data Recovery Experts for cost-efficient one-on-one manual recovery service. They could offer the following services after FREE diagnosis:

1. Repair corrupted RAID structure
2. Unformat the drive which was formatted by mistake
3. Repair damaged RAW drive that needs to be reformatted (Bitlocker encrypted drive is also supported)
4. Repair unbootable Windows operating system
5. Recover/repair lost partition and reparitioned drive (the one that cannot be recovered by software)

6. Repair corrupted virtual disk file (.vmdk, .vhd, .vhdx, etc.)

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Common Questions
Do I need to start over the scan after I reinstall the Free version?
 If the scan is completed in the Trial version, you can export the scan result before you uninstall it. After the Free version is properly installed, the exported result can be used to resume the scan result.
How to confirm the recovery quality in the Trial version if I do not want to reinstall the Free version?
Since the Trial version does not have 2GB free recovery, it is not allowed to recover some files to check the recovery quality in this version. However, the preview feature is fully available in the Trial version. You can select some files in the scan result, such as your documents or pictures, to check if the preview will show you the correct content of the files. A successful recovery is guaranteed if the preview works properly in the Trial version.
I have the Free version installed, but I still unable to recover more than 500MB files?
The Free version provides 500 MB free recovery in default. You may share the product on social media to gain 1.5 GB more free recovery. The share button can be found on the right side of the top menu bar, next to the orange Upgrade button.

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