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How do I fix it when EaseUS MobiMover fails to list my Messages/Contacts?

This article will explain why the Messages/Contacts failed to list in MobiMover and provide you possible solutions.

Updated on 2020-04-30

This article applies to:
All editions of EaseUS MobiMover 4.0 and later versions

Sometimes, EaseUS MobiMover may be unable to list the Messages/Contacts on your iPhone even the phone is connected. This article will explain why this happens and provide you possible solutions if you encounter such an issue.
On your device, when you turn on the iCloud for messages/contacts, it will automatically upload all your messages/contacts to iCloud. However, to save the phone storage and optimize the system, all the messages you preview on your device are actually not in the phone memory. If you want to access the messages with our software, you will have to turn off the iCloud for messages/contacts and download them to the phone. That’s the reason why the program fails to list the messages even the phone is connected and recognized by our software.
To fix this kind of issue, you can refer to the following steps:

. Tap Settings on your iPhone screen.

2. Tap on your Apple ID.

3. Tap on iCloud option

4. Turn off the iCloud for Messages and choose to download the messages to this phone. 

5. Re-connect your phone into our software to let your operations on phone take effect.

Do You Need Specialized Services for Transfering Files?
EaseUS also provides 1-on-1 remote assistance to help you transfer data for iOS device. If the solution above does not work for you, please contact our professionals via Email or LiveChat in this page