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How to Recover iOS Data with EaseUS MobiSaver for iOS

Recover deleted or lost data from the iOS device, iTunes backup or iCloud backup.

Updated on 2014-05-26

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EaseUS MobiSaver for iOS


This article has 3 parts.
1. Preconditions
2. How to Recover Data with EaseUS MobiSaver for iOS
3. FAQ



EaseUS MobiSaver for iOS supports data recovery from iTunes or iCloud backups. However, if you don’t have backups or they don’t have the lost data, it’s necessary to recover data from iOS devices. Here are some preconditions for this job.

1. Your iOS Device is not disabled and the data loss isn’t caused by iOS upgrade or factory resetting.
2. The screen of iOS device is still working.
3. The latest version of iTunes is installed on the computer.


How to Recover Data with EaseUS MobiSaver for iOS

Here's the Video Tutorial about this software:



Q1. When an iOS device is in Recovery Mode or it's disabled, does MobiSaver work?
A. In this case, you can only recover data from iTunes or iCloud backups, instead of the device.

Q2. Does it work on an iOS device with broken or black screen?
A. Only if this device has trusted the computer, you can run our product on that computer to scan the iOS device.

Q3. Is there an 100% guarantee that my files can be recovered?
A. The answer is no. However, as long as they are not damaged or overwritten, our product can recover them.

Q4. How long will a recovery take?
A. Generally it’s less than an hour. At most time, it’s even in 10 minutes.

Q5. Can I recover or save the found data to iOS device?
A. No. This software cannot save the found files to iOS device due to technology limitation of Apple. You need to find third-party tool to finish the job. However, some files are still not supported to import into the iOS device, such as App messages (WhatsApp, Kik, etc.).

Q6. When running a recovery, I am promted to input a password.
A. You may be in any of following cases.
    (1) You did an iTunes backup and set a password for it. Input iTunes backup password to continue the the recovery.
    (2) The iOS device screen is locked. Unlock the screen and keep the lighting of screen, then run the recovery.

Q7. Can I recover lost photos and videos from the device?
A. None of iOS data recovery tools supports lost photos and videos recovery from iOS device. It's also cuased by the technology limitation of Apple. Currently, only the photos/videos which are still in Recently Deleted, the software is able to recover them. Otherwise, it could only find the existing photos and videos on the device.

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