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How to Use EaseUS MS SQL Recovery

This is a dedicated article which presents you a guide of an entire SQL recovery & repair process of EaseUS MS SQL Recovery.

Updated on 2019-05-15 16:35:37

This article applies to:
EaseUS MS SQL Recovery


The steps below will show you how to recover & repair courrpted MS SQL database file.

1. After running the software, you will get this prompt if your computer has MS SQL Server installed.

2. Click "Start" -> "Microsoft SQL Server" -> "SQL Server Configuration Manager", choose SQL Server Services and right click on SQL Server to stop it.

Or input command line in CMD to stop the service:

3. Click "Select Database" and Browse the file or Search it from the drive. Please tick "Include Deleted Records" if you want to find the deleted items in this database.

4. Select the right database and click Repair.

5. You are able to view the content of the database after recovery.

6. Click "Save" and save it as a new database or overwrite the existing database.

7. Restart SQL Server service and verify the recovered database.