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What to Do If the Jailbreaking Failed?

Updated on 2022-08-05

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Jailbreaking is the privilege accession of an Apple device, by which Apple users can remove software restrictions imposed on iOS and Apple products. It allows you to gain access to your entire file system but is used in the context of iOS. What to do when the device failed to be jailbroken by using Checkra1n? This post will give you the detailed suggestions about what to do if jailbreaking failed.
Method 1. Exit DFU Mode
If the jailbreaking failed, please exit DFU mode at first. Otherwise, the jailbreaking may still fail due to iOS principles.
Method 2. Use Another Checkra1n Version
If the jailbreaking failed, please use other Checkra1n version available and repeat the jailbreaking process. You can google more versions of Checkra1n and use them to have a try.
Method 3. Fix Errors if Error Codes Are Given
You might come across the following error codes when the jailbreak failed. The solutions are given below.
Error code: -20

Choose the “Safe Mode” option and jailbreak again.

Error code: -31

Reinstall the iOS firmware and try the jailbreak again.

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