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This article applies to:

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard ( Windows & Mac 10.x and later versions)





Easeus provides the option to help you save scan status to continue the data recovery. If you have one of the situation listed below, you can consider using this option to make your recovery procedure more easily to handle.

It's time to do something more important when you still have some files to recover.
A huge amount of data is listed, you cannot save them at one time.
You don't have a big enough drive handed to save all the files, you need some time to prepare another drive.

With this article, you are able to save the scan status with few mouse clickings, and use the file later to recover data directly without re-scan.

How to save the scan status

For Windows version, click Save Session button to save the scan result, then our product will ask for a path to save the .rsf file. You can rename the file in order to locate it easier.



For Mac version, please click Export to save the scan status:



The .rsf file only contains current status of the scan rather than real detected files. So it can be only used later with Import Scan Status option.

How to use the scan status

The entry to Load Session can be easily found in the title bar of our product. Click it and select the right .rsf file will directly bring you the scan status page again (no further scanning time is demand), then you are allowed to continue the lost data recovery job there directly.



Video Turtorial for Windows:


For Mac version, please focus on the software, then click File -> Import Scan Status button on the menu bar to import the scan status. then you will return to the previous scan.



Video Turtorial for Mac:



The exported scan status is only available on the same machine, import the file on another machine cannot give you the same scan status page.
You’d better use the rsf file as soon as you can, system changes or a long time waiting would both damage the rsf file and make them unusable.


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