Get Error Report in WinPE Environment

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This article applies to:
All WinPE bootable disk


Just the same as the requirement of log files to analyze operation issue under Windows, some execution log files are also required to investigate expected issues under WinPE environment. These log files are:

Easeus.log which records basic code running result of our product.
ETBlog.log includes user operations.
*.dmp file is used to analyze some crash related errors.
Winlog.log only exists after a failure Recover to dissimilar hardware operation.

This articles introduces 2 methods to gather the files.

For both methods, it is necessary to prepare a USB flash drive or external hard drive first, and use the drive to transfer log files to a health machine for delivering them to us.


Method 1

Capture the files with COPY command in Windows shell command line. And we assume drive E: is the external connection storage device used to save files here, the figure below clearly shows that how to get the 3 files one after another with COPY command.



The Winlog.log file can only be copied after system transfer shows "Start universal restore" in the recovery interface, and it is in temp folder:



Although part of the files may not exist for a specific case, such as Winlog.log only appears after a failed dissimilar hardware recovery. However, it is still recommended you to try with the 4 files’ copy command to increase the chance of creating an effective solution.

Method 2

Capture files with Windows explorer - a more intuitive graphic interface. In this way, user also need to run notepad first in Windows shell command to run a txt file, and then click File > Open to start Windows explorer indirectly.


Change file type to All Files to ensure log files can be listed, locate the required file and right click it to Copy it to an external storage device, repeat the process till all log files are transferred.


The hot key ‘CTRL+C’ to copy and ‘CTRL+V’ to paste is also available under WinPE environment.

Note for both methos:

1. It is better to enable command line or Windows explorer first before the issue operation starts, as you can simply switch to command line or Windows explorer for gathering log files with Windows hotkey ALT+TAB after frozen issue or some special issue occurs.
2. Don't exit WinPE environment or restart/shutdown your computer when operation failed, otherwise the logs will lost and you have to reproduce the problem in order to send correct log files.


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