How to take a screenshot for Windows Disk Management

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What is Windows Disk Management

Disk Management is a Microsoft Windows utility which was firstly introduced in Windows XP. It enables users the ability to view and manage both internal/external hard drives and portable storage devices (thumb drives and cards) installed on their computers and the partitions associated with those drives.

It usually gives a general and clear idea how the hard drives are used and how they works now in a computer. Or whether a hard drive is correctly recognized by Windows or not can be also found there. So the information in Disk Management sometimes is very essential to investigate a hard drive related technical issues.

How to access disk management in Windows Vista/7

Just right click on Computer and choose Manage, then locate the item Disk Management.


How to access it in Windows 8/10

Right click on Windows start button and choose Disk Management.


There is another common way to access Disk Management with Command Line for all the 4 Windows versions, just type Diskmgmt.msc in Windows run dialog, search box or CMD line, and press Enter to open it.


The illustration below gives the info what a proper Disk Management screenshot looks like. It would be much helpful if all hard drive can be seen in the disk map section (the lower half part in red).

How to take a screenshot

1. Press Print Screen key on your keyboard to capture the full screen and transfer it to Clipboard (invisible to user);
2. Use Windows paste command (CTRL+V) to move the picture to Windows Paint tool;
3. The hotkey combination CTRL+S in Paint tool can help you save the capture as a picture file.






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