How to Fix the Disk Read Error

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The disk errors happened in Windows




Hard disk errors like I/O error, CRC error usually make a hard drive unreadable or inaccessiable. What even worse is a data recovery job cannot be started on this kind of hard drives. This article gives you some clues how to verify the issue and some possible solutions are also included.





Cannot initialize the drive with blank area

Fail to initialize the drive with Unallocated space

Cannot reformat RAW drive



Case 1: Cannot initialize the drive with blank area



The Disk Management cannot load the partition map of the drive but just gives you a blank area. Furthermore, The drive status is Unknown and Not Initialized. You will get the error below when initializing it:


The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.


Some suggestions here might solve this issue:


1. The cable might be unstable. Disconnect the drive and use another cable to reconnect the drive. If it’s an USB drive, plug the USB cable into the Back USB port of the computer (desktop) but not the front or through a Hub.


2. The power probably is not enough. Change the power socket where you've plugged it in might solve the issue.


3. Plug the drive to another computer and check if it can be read normally.


4. If all of the methods above cannot solve the issue, the drive might be physically damaged. Please send it to manufacturer or local hardware maintenance specialist and check if it could be repaired.



Case 2: Fail to initialize the drive with unallocated space



As you can see that the drive can be detected with the correct unallocated space in size but still cannot be initialized. It gives the error:


Data error (cyclic redundancy check).


Try the suggestions of Case 1 first: changing cable and power socket, or connect the drive to another PC to confirm if it will work.


If it cannot fix the issue, perhaps the drive of the hard drive might be incorrect. Open the Device Manager and find the drive under Disk drives, then follow the steps to update the driver.


1) Right click on the drive and choose Update Driver Software or Uninstall. Then the drive including the drivers will be updated or removed from this computer.



2) Reconnect the drive to the PC. It will update the driver aromatically.


3) Try to initialize the drive again in the Disk Management.


If it does not work either, the drive should be sent to repair as well.



Case 3: Cannot reformat RAW drive



If system prompts to format the disk but gives you the error that the drive is not accessible, you should try the methods below after attempting to check the drive with the suggestion of Case 1.

1. Run CHKDSK utility to check the drive. Right click the faulty drive, then click Properties -> Tools. Under Error Checking click Check Now. It has the ability to find and repair a number of small errors or file corruptions that may be causing the cyclic redundancy error.



2. Follow Cases 2 to update the driver. That method might fix the issue.


If the issue still cannot be resloved, the drive will not be read correctly so the data cannot be recovered either. You still need to send the drive to repair before trying data recovery.

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