How to Start a Remote Assistance

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The remote assistance could help our technical support team to analyze and locate the issue much more efficiently. It will only take 15 - 30 minutes to finish the job without touching any of your privacy data and it is totally harmless to your computer. And if necessary, our support member may give you some clues how to use your computer in a better way.


Here is how to start the remote session for a paid user:

Video Tutorial for Windows

Video Tutorial for Mac

1.Download the TeamViewer with the link below:

For Windows:

For Mac:

2.Finish the installation of this software and run it, then you will see the window below:


3.Send “Your ID” and “Password” to our team so we can connect to your computer. Contact us via LiveChat below will be much faster than by email:


4.If you want to get remote assistance with the data recovery issue, please finish the scan and export the scan status with the method below. Then you don’t need to waste much time to run a new scan.


The Video Tutorial about how to install and run TeamViewer for Windows:



The Video Tutorial about how to install and run TeamViewer for Mac:


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