How to Get Windows Memory Dump

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  • Add Date: 2013-05-04 08:59:56  Update Date:2014-12-02 22:29:09




When you encounter system failure like BSOD, a complete memory dump will help you to find out the reason for the failure. You can configure it the following way:


1. Right-click the Computer and select Properties in the context menu.




2. Click Advanced system settings in the System window.




3. Switch to Advanced tab in the System Properties window, then click the Settings button in the Startup and Recovery section.




4. Select Small memory dump in the drop-down list of Write debugging information section under the Startup and Recovery window.




In the same section choose the folder where to save the created dump. By default this file will be saved by the operating system in its own folder C:Windows (%SystemRoot%) in MEMORY.DMP file. You can choose any folder name in the attached field.


5. In the Startup and Recovery window click the OK button. In the System Properties window click the OK button.


6. Make sure the small memory dump is successfully created.

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