How to Locate Lost Data (for Windows)

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  • Add Date: 2013-05-03 02:35:05  Update Date:2019-02-27 01:50:36


This article applies to:

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Windows (12.6 and later versions)




In order to increase the rate of recovering all found files, the program would list every possible detected file. After a full scan, there might be a huge amount of files listed. It seems impossible to locate your desired files among these files. This article is written to help you at this very moment, it will give you some clearly clues how to filter useful data from a complex scan result.



There are several options in the program. The video tutorial below will help you with file searching:




1. Please NEVER try to recover data to the original location where contains lost data until you have all your data recovered.
2. Only Recover button in the lower right corner can help you save files to a specified location.
Save Session exports scan result only for later use.



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