Troubleshooting Hang up Issue During the Scan

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  • Add Date: 2013-05-07 06:31:54  Update Date:2017-09-13 03:53:51


This article applies to:

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (8.0 and later versions)





One of following issue may appear during a lost data scan process and keep the scan process from being finished.

Scan freezes
An ‘out of memory’ error prompts
Product crashes and level a box to send error report
GUI disappears without any message

Although the 4 errors look different to each other, but the cause of the errors are always similar, the most common known causes are:

1. Too many files found during the scan, and physical memory become insufficient while the scan is still running. This cause more usually seen for those huge drive larger than 2TB.
2. Some errors on the device which will slow down or totally freeze the scan process.

To find an efficient solutions, please read the article carefully.



1. Check the scan is really dead or not

Mostly, you need to monitor a ‘frozen’ scan 1 hour at least just in case that the Found files and progress bar moves slowly due to a huge file is being scanned. If nothing changes for few hours, just continue with step 2 below to handle the issue.



And advanced method to check if it is still running, you can open Task Manager (press Ctrl+Alt+Delete at the same time) , and find the Image named DRWUI.exe in the Processes. If the Memory is changing, then our product is still running normally, you just need to wait longer until it finishes.



Please also close other applications including antivirus and firewall to free up more memory space. Usually, this will speed up the scan.

2. The scan process really stop responding

If the memory is not changing or you cannot wait any longer for the slow process, please cancel it and start a new scan with the following change first:

Disable RAW file to further exclude some found files. Locate the file ‘Config.dat’ in installation path and open it with Windows notepad (right click the file and select Open with), then modify the parameter from 1 to 0 in line ScanRaw.


This change will significantly reduce the total found files for a new scan due to less files are allowed to recover, the chance to face a frozen issue gets much smaller then.


3. Recover data before the error happens

If you find the error appears at a specific point on progress bar every time, pausing the scan before the point and searching for desired file from current result would also help you recover part of the lost data.

The Pause button can be found right next to the progress bar.


4. Whether the hard drive has hardware issues.

Bad sectors on a hard drive will prevent software from reading the drive normally and usually result in a frozen issue. If the scan still cannot be finished with a new scan configured as above section described, you have to check if the hard drive is really contains some bad sectors. Some profession hard drive diagnostic tool can help you with this, e.g. HDTune.

If it is verified that there are really some bad sectors existed, you would be at the risk of being lost the files permanently then.
Please send the following info to Support Team if you still cannot finish a scan normally with the help of this article.

1. How did you lose the data.
2. The size of the partition/disk which you are scanning, and the amount size of data you want to recover.
3. Have you done anything to the drive after data lost?
4. The exact symptom which keep you from a successful scan process.



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