How to upgrade your EaseUS Partition Master after a new version is released

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This article applies to:

EaseUS Partition Master (All paid editions)


EaseUS software provides professional maintenance of its products that includes technical support and regular new releases. New major and minor versions are released rather often, aiming to constantly improve, fix and enhance our products.
EaseUS supplies its products upgrades according to the following policy.

New releases include major upgrades and regular minor updates/maintenence releases. A major upgrade released with new features will change the version number, for example from v1.0 to v2.0. The minor updates and maintenance releases come with each new upgrade to further improve and fix the performance of EaseUS products.

When a new major upgrade is released, with the 3 particular situations listed below, you are entitled to obtain this upgrade for free

1. The major upgrade releases within 30 days after you purchased the regular license

In this case, you need to register to the Online Customer Center using your email address, log in the registered account and add your order id (Reference number) for getting the download link and the new license code of new version after it is released. For more information on Online Customer Center, please click here.

2. You purchased the free lifetime upgrade license

Download and install the newest trial edition, and directly activate it using your free lifetime upgrade license code.

3. You purchased the license of EaseUS Partition Master Technician edition

Download and install the newest trial edition, and directly activate it using your Technician edition license code.

Please contact EaseUS to purchase an upgrade if your license code is not eligible to enjoy free upgrade.

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