How to Create an Error Report

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  • Add Date: 2015-05-27 22:34:21  Update Date:2015-06-18 02:21:40

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All EaseUS Partition Master versions.


The log files in our product record all user operations, special events and error messages while our product is running. So the files are required to analyze some using issues which prevent normal operations from being completed.

Normally, the log files are located in Bin folder under the installation path of our product. This article tells you how to gather the necessary files into an error report if you need assistance from EaseUS Support Team for a specific using issue.

How to create an error report

Method 1:

Right-click the shortcut of EaseUS Partition Master icon on desktop.

Then click the Open file location in right menu, you will open the Bin folder under the installation directory of EaseUS Partition Master. Then run the ErrorReport.exe under this folder to create an error report.


Method 2:

Find the *.log and *.dump files in Bin folder under the installation directory of our EaseUS Partition Master, then compress them and send to us via email. Normally, the installation directory of EaseUS Partition Mastert should be “C:\Program Files (x86)\EaseUSEaseUS Partition Master X”, if you installed it to another partition, please just change the driver letter to the corresponding partition.


If you encounter any error on using EaseUS Partition Master, please don’t forget to send some screenshots about the error when sending us the error report.

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