Troubleshooting Operations Fail to Run After System Reboot.

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  • Add Date: 2014-02-17 01:12:33  Update Date:2019-03-12 03:55:18

This article applies to:
EaseUS Partition Master (All versions)


When applying an operation in Windows, EaseUS Partition Master requires rebooting. However, it doesn’t execute any operation at all after system rebooted.

Troubleshooting Problem

1. Does EaseUS Partition Master enter Boot Mode after rebooting, as shown in the screenshot below? If so, go to step 2. Or, refer to solution A.


Preparing boot mode



Actually exectuing operation in boot mode

(This step will be absent if you are experiencing an issue this article talks about)



2. After entering Boot Mode, EaseUS Partition Master will display message "The operation will start in x seconds. You could press any key to abort". Did you press any key to cancel the operation? If so, refer to solution B. Or, go to step 3.

3. Does EaseUS Partition Master simply display message "The operation has been aborted" after entering Boot Mode? If so, refer to solution C. Or, go to step 4.

4. Does EaseUS Partition Master display message "Did not find pending operation partition. Press any key to reboot" after entering Boot Mode? If so, refer to solution D. Or, refer to solution A and describe the message and symptom you see in detail.


A. Reinstall EaseUS Partition Master and apply the operation again. If the same issue remains, send us EPMLOG.log under EaseUS Partition Master folder.

B.  Rerun the operation and do not press any key after your computer reboots.

C.  Create a txt file named "EpmStart" under "C:WINDOWS", input "EpmStart" in this txt file and save the content. Then apply the operation again. If this doesn’t work, refer to solution D.

D.  Create a WinPE bootable disc and use it to apply operations. If it can not recognize your device, add the driver of the device as following steps:

(1) Download and extract the driver. You should find at least one .inf file in the driver folder.
(2) Boot your computer with the WinPE disc. Click "Tool"->"Add driver" and select the .inf file. Refer to the picture below.



Furthermore, WinPE bootable disk can apply all partition operations without requiring system reboot, so you can directly create a bootable disk to finish the job if you are still not very clear which solution to use with the description above. But note that only paid users are entitled to use it.

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