How to Replace System Hard Disk on Same Computer with Todo Backup Enterprise Edition

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EaseUS Todo Backup Enterprise Editions




If your system hard drive is going down or you want to replace the computer/hardware with better performance without reinstalling operating system, you could use our product to make the swap with multiple methods as instructed in this article.



There are two methods for replacing system drive on the same computer, you could select a right scenario to replace your system drive.

Method 1: Clone one disk to another with disk clone

Disk clone could clone one hard disk to another, and you could clone to a large or small disk, but, the size of the destination disk must large than the used space on source disk.



To ensure the cloned drive can boot up normally, please connect both drive as internal disk via SATA or IDE and then clone the entire hard drive.

More information about disk clone, please click here.


Please disconnect the source disk then boot from the cloned disk after the clone is finished.


Method 2: Backup and restore with disk /partition backup and recovery


Sometimes, the clone method cannot work or you are using laptop which can only connect one internal drive. In such cases, you could backup 

entire source disk and then restore backup image to destination disk. Here is the exact steps:


1. Create a disk backup image for source disk with Disk/Partition Backup


2. Create a bootable disk with EaseUS Todo backup.

3.Replace source disk with destination disk, then boot the computer with bootable disk and restore the disk backup image to destination disk.



4.Reboot computer from the restored disk directly.

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