Solution for Common Exchange Backup Issue

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This article applies to:

EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server/Technician Edition 5.x, 6.x, 7.x and higher editions.

Exchange 2003/2007/2010/2013




You may encounter trouble when running Exchange backup, we offers several methods for solving Exchange backup issue under EaseUS Todo Backup. According to the symptom you encountered, please try following solutions carefully.




Troubleshooting for "Failed to initialize MAPI"


The solution also apply to the following error:

 Failed to create profile.

 Failed to login with MAPI, please make sure the user has an email account.

 No default msgstore for current user.

 Microsoft Outlook is installed on this server, it could cause conflict issue.


EaseUS Todo Backup needs to create MAPI session in order to access certain mailboxes. If it fails to create MAPI session, some related functions will not be executed. Some common situations:


1. Found Outlook, Application existed.

Microsoft does not support installing Exchange Server components and Outlook on the same computer, please uninstall Outlook from the machine which the Exchange Server is running. For detail info, refer:


2. Failed MAPI Initialize.

Lack of MAPI runtime library. Try to install it first. Download from:


3. Failed to create profile.

Create Profile manually. Please download to get details.


4. Failed to Create Message Service

a. If the related configuration information is incorrect, current user's Profile cannot be created either. Refer to Microsoft Support Center for the solution:

b. Or restart computer.


5. Failed Configure Message Services

Current logged in user doesn't have a mailbox account. If current logged user has no mailbox or its mailbox has been deleted, the user's Profile cannot be created. To solve the problem, you can recover the user's mailbox through Exchange Management Console.


6. Failed to Get Default Message Storage

Make sure Public folder Database is available in Exchange Server. To create Public folder Database, refer to:

Exchange 2007:

Exchange 2010:

Exchange 2013:  


You may need to reboot computer after create the Public folder Database.


7. Contact Tech Support if the above solutions can't work for you

Get an error report then send to for analyzing if problem persists.


"Failed to initialize VSS" when I try to do Exchange Server 2010/2013 Information Store backup


Exchange Server 2010 Information Store backup and recovery rely on Volume Shadow Copy Service from Windows. Volume Shadow Copy Service Exception would result in Exchange Server backup failure. Reasons of Volume Shadow Copy Service Exception:

1. There is no NTFS volume.

2. The free space in NTFS is too small to create VSS Snapshot.

3. There are too many Snapshots in system.

4. Some other tools (such as NTbackup) is using the VSS Writer and related components of Exchange Server 2010/2013.

5. If you encounter "Add Snapshot failed"

Case 1:Not Enough Disk Space

Solution:Add space for this disk


Case 2: VSS conflict of SharePoint

Solution:Open registry [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMControlSet001ServicesVSSVssAccessControl], then delete other registry key except "NT AuthorityNetworkService"=dword:00000001


Case 3:Registry key error of VSS

Solution:Modify following registry key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMControlSet001ServicesVSSVssAccessControl]

"NT AuthorityNetworkService"=dword:00000001


6. If you encounter "Start Snapshot Failed"


a. Restart "Volume Shadow Copy" service

b. Restart "Microsoft Exchange Information Store"



Common Question:


Q: Why the second backup image is smaller than the first one when I create full backup for the same content of Exchange Server 2010/2013 Information store?


A: With VSS backup method, EaseUS Todo Backup will clean the application log after a full backup of Exchange Server 2010/2013 Information Store.

 However, if the disparity is too large, please send your problem to our support team.

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