Troubleshooting EaseUS Todo Backup Network Backup Issues

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  • Add Date: 2014-03-13 02:28:08  Update Date:2018-06-21 20:48:55

This article applies to:
EaseUS Todo Backup (Home and higher editions)


Shared folders on network usually require specific authentication to be accessed. With incorrect or insufficient permission, Windows is unable to write and read the folder normally. And the same to EaseUS Todo Backup.

So whenever you get a network backup issue with EaseUS Todo Backup, you need first to check if you have correct permission assigned for this backup task. And reading this article will give you some new ideas how to troubleshoot a network backup issue if you can ensure you already tried to connect with full permission account.

The most common network backup issues are:
Failed to create directory
Failed to log on the network (probably wrong username and password)

How to troubleshoot each of them, we list the steps below:


Failed to create directory

Our product needs to create a folder first for every backup job, the error may appears if the folder cannot be created correctly.

The first things you have to check:

1. If you have enough read/write permission on target folder.
2. Whether the shared folder has enough free space.
3. If network connection is stable and smooth.


Failed to log on the network (probably wrong username and password)

In most case, the issue is caused by insufficient permission of your current Windows account. EaseUS Todo Backup cannot access target shared folder and perform backup job with it.

Occasionally, it may also appears when you try to change a normal backup to schedule

But if you can ensure correct account has been used, to help you get rid of the issue, please try the following possible solutions one by one.

Solution 1: Use IP address instead

Try to specify target folder/location with IP address directly instead of entering UNC path or selecting it from directory tree. You have to click Goto after the IP address filled.



Solution 2: Map the target folder into our product

A fixed directory will be created with this option, since then you can select the directory as a backup destination just like you can do with a local path.

The picture below will show you how to map a shared folder into our product. There will be an entry named For test available under NAS Device.



If your network shared folder does not have access limitation, please check Anonymous to ignore Username and Password verification.
Although this option named NAS device, all shared folder can be added with it. Not only real NAS devices applies.


Solution 3: Login with Administrator account

Since EaseUS Todo Backup needs Administrator permission to perform backup/restoration. Sometimes, running backups as Administrator will remove the issue.

You can right Computer and select Manage, then follow the picture below to free Administrator account.


Then you just have to switch to Administrator and run the same backup again.

Solution 4: Disable User Account Control (UAC)

In some cases we handled before, Windows User Account Control prevent the backup task from running. So it is still worth to try with this solution.

Both for Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1,  User Account Control can be simply found by entering UAC in Window search box. You just need to drag the slider to the lowest level Never notify in setting page. And then try to run backup again.

If these solution still cannot help you, then please create a report and send it to support team for further analysis.



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