How to Create Emergency Disk with EaseUS Todo Backup

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  • Add Date: 2015-02-15 03:28:16  Update Date:2015-09-22 04:04:00

This article applies to:

EaseUS Todo Backup version 8.0 and later version




Disaster recovery is required after system crash or unexpected Operating System failure appears. Emergency disk is indispensable for disaster recovery.


How to create emergency disk


EaseUS Todo Backup allows users to create an emergency USB disk or CD/DVD, also you can export the emergency disk ISO file and then burn it with your own burning software.


EaseUS Todo Backup provides both WinPE and Linux version emergency disks. More information between WinPE and Linux emergency disk.


Created Linux emergency disk


Linux emergency disk only has Recovery and Clone option available. All other options are disabled in Linux emergency disk.


Created WinPE emergency disk


WinPE emergency disk includes the features available under Windows environment, also has some additional options can help user perform a more efficient and fast disaster recovery. But the System Backup option is not available in WinPE emergency disk.


For Todo Backup 8.0, 8.2, 8.3 Version:


If you create with Compatibility mode checked, EaseUS Todo Backup will prompt a window to select Download from Microsoft or Manually specify the location. Download WinPE component from Microsoft is recommended if the computer is connecting to internet.


Otherwise, download WinPE component manually first.


Then use the option Manually specify the location to select the downloaded WinPE component to create the WinPE emergency disk.



If you did not check Compatibility mode, it will create directly after click the Proceed button. Uncheck the Compatibility mode will get necessary drivers from current computer and add to WinPE emergency disk.



For Todo Backup 8.5 and later Version:


The creating method under V8.5 and later version is almost same as V8.0. But, we have added a 64bit bootable disk from V8.5. If you check the “Compatibility mode” at the process, it will be a 64bit bootable disk.


What to do if emergency disk cannot be created

The known issues keep a emergency disk ISO file from being created include:
1. The selected disc or USB drive cannot be written correctly.
2. Hardware or system issues which affect emergency disk creation.

It is worth to try with a different device or computer to create the emergency disk for further investigating the issue. And a paid user can also contact Support team for a created ISO file with order ID proved first.
What to do if emergency disk cannot be loaded

If another computer is available around, testing the same emergency disk on it can further check if the emergency disk is damaged or not. Occasionally, re-creating a new emergency disk can solve the load issue.


Troubleshooting other issues with emergency disk:


Hard Drive Fails to List in WinPE emergency disk.
Network Access Issue in WinPE emergency disk.


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