How to Upgrade System Drive on a Computer

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To upgrade the hard drive is a popular solution for improving computer performance. The System Clone available in EaseUS Todo Backup is designed to help you upgrade your system drive in an efficient manner.


What is System Clone?


System Clone is a process of replicating a computer's operating system, drives, software, and patches from system and boot partition of source disk to a blank target drive, and it eliminates the time-consuming technical process of manually reinstalling and reconfiguring a system.


How to replace system drive on a computer?


3 Focusing Steps to Replace Your System Drive with EaseUS Todo Backup:


  1. Connect target disk to computer then boot the computer from source disk.

  2. Install Todo Backup and run System Clone function to finish clone.

  3. Replace the source disk with the cloned target disk.


Looks pretty easy, isn’t it?


However, as a practical matter, sometime it could be hassle to do the step 1 and step 3 described above due to many reasons, such as looking for a matched drive from thousands of difference brands and models and properly connect it to your computer.


In the rest part of this article, we have 2 video tutorials with the instructions of how to properly replace your drive for desktop and laptop.


Upgrade system drive on a desktop



Upgrade system drive on a laptop



If System Clone solution does not work under your scenario, or you are planning to replace the computer with a new one, you are recommended to do a System Backup for the source drive and restore it to the destination disk with System Transfer.

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