Difference Between System Backup and Disk/Partition Backup

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With Todo Backup, System Backup and Disk/Partition Backup both can help you create a system image file. Therefore, you may feel confused about the two backup methods. You may have no idea which one is more suitable for your particular requirement. This article aims to tell more detail on the difference between System Backup and Disk/Partition Backup, which will make it easier for you to select the proper backup method.




The main difference between the 2 options is that:

For Disk/partition backup, users are allowed to select any of the listed partitions to backup, Any partition combination is possible with this option, user can backup necessary partition for system load only or include system and data partition into same image file.

For system backup, it will automatically select system boot involved partitions as backup target, and cannot be modified. This option can be seen as a lite and easier version of disk/partition backup which is designed for system partitions only.

Other than above, there is nearly no distinction, like in backup mechanism, required time and included files between this two options.

So the 2 options are working the same for most normal systems, user can use either of the options to create a system schedule for a long term system protection.


0x128173FC error

However, for few special configured system environment, user may unable to use System backup option and an error code 0x128173FC with the text similar to Your system is not supported appears. Usually, there are 2 reasons may result in the issue:

1. You have a dynamic system drive.
2. Your system and boot partition are separated on 2 different drives.

In order to protect system info better, we disable System backup option for the 2 situations. However, Disk/partition backup is also capable of backing up them by manually selecting system load related partitions/volumes.

And the second situation can be easily confirmed in Windows Disk Management Console, user can open it by entering Diskmgmt.msc in Windows search box or right clicking ‘Computer’ on desktop and choose ‘Manage > Storage > Disk Management’.


Some scenarios that can or cannot be handled with System backup (Windows disk management screenshots).

1. System backup option will give error message.


Or you could choose combining System partition and Boot partition first before backing up with our product.


2. A dynamic system drive can be only backed up with Disk/partition option too.


3. A normal situation that System backup can handle.



1. Please don't save the backup image to the same partition which you are willing to back up.

2. GPT system drive can be backed up with System backup option now.


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