How to Set up Email Notification with Todo Backup Personal Edition

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This article applies to:
EaseUS Todo Backup Free and Home Editions


With this option, user can simply know the backup result from a notification email. This can make schedule backups to be a real setup-and-forget job, as users no more needs to open the product and check the backup result in Management page after the option enabled.

This dedicated article will tell you how to enable this option for a new backup job and a created backup job.




For a new creating backup/schedule

The configuration page can be easily found in Backup options, you have to finish necessary boxes in the page before you click Proceed to run the backup or activate a schedule.



The necessary boxes need to be filled are:

To: Specify email address to receive the email notification. Entering multiple email addresses is allowed here, but you have to separate them by Commas.
Server name: Specify SMTP server for sending notification. Generally it should be
Port: Set the port of the outgoing mail server. Usually, you don’t need to change the default port 25. But the following combinations is still worth to try if test with port 25 fails:
25 with or without SSL/TLS ticked
465 with or without SSL/TLS ticked
587 with or without SSL/TLS ticked

Username/Password: Enter User Name and Password of the mail server which used to send Email.
Additional notification settings: Choose to receive successful/fail schdule notifcation only, or both of them.

And an additional option Send test message: Test whether you can receive the email notification successfully with current configuration before a real backup.

Here is a sample with gmail account how this page looks like after all required box configured.


1. You can try port 465 if you cannot send a test message with default port 25 for gmail account.
2. The computer name is always visible in the subject of the notification email, this can help you easily determine which computer the mail from when you have more than one computer to backup.

3.If you can send test message successfully but the real backup can’t send it, maybe the issue is caused by antivirus, please add trust for "TbService.exe" process under your antivirus to have a try.

For a created backup/schedule

You still have the chance to add an email notification for a created backup job if you forget enabling the option the first time. Select the backup task or plan that you want to modify first, then following the picture below will lead you to the option. You can just configure it as what we tell for a new creating backup to finish the job.



If an error message appears in the notification email, you can try to search a solution in our knowledge base according to the exact message you got first. Or contact Support Team if you really cannot find the answer, and please be sure to add the error report into your email.


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